About Us

EUTravelIN wants to be a community of people who loves to travel, but also a community of economic operators in the tourism sector that offers their services products and whatelse; the principle is sharing, the exchange of information and ease of use them; bringing together supply and demand within the same community.

EUTravelIN aims to promote the exchange and sharing of travel experiences in Europe of its members, also presenting the offer of market participants on the European territory, collecting, publishing and disseminating information about events, tourist guides, economic promotions and approaching travelers and offers its services or products, or job opportunities.

EUTravelIN operates mainly with its own public internet portal, with dedicated services for its members, other specific for companies operating in the tourism sector; in addition to providing before long, the ability to interface to the portal through use of mobile devices apps. So when I travel for business or holiday fun, I have a reference handy and intuitive EUTravelIN mobile app presenting to me the types of information that I've set or required, restaurant B&B or whatever.

Why community of people? We believe that information swapping and sharing, thanks to the current digital technology and our idea, help to align the interests above intuitively easy. People can help collecting news for those who belong to the community, the same for companies that will offer their services, but also the events of their place; in any case behind every company there are people, like us.

How it works and what you have in return? You register yourself, became EUTravelIN Member and get access to cheap discounts, promotions and exclusive travel offers, trace your route in advance and bookmark over Europe!