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EuTravelIN Bingo Rules

EuTravelIN Bingo Contest Rules





EuTravelIN works as a social network, adding the convenience of accessing exclusive offers linked, but not limited to, to the world of travel and leisure. The main activity is and will be to bring our members unique offers, but also find events near where I live, or promotions when I move to work. The convenience of finding a dinner for four people on the fly even under the house or near the office and at a special price is unparalleled. Usually our online activities, excluding shopping or entertainment, do not lead us to more or less direct benefits, and moreover we must consider that the major free platforms profit thanks to all the data we exchange continuously. Our own data, contents, references to our digital identities, even if at an impersonal level, are "marketed" in various ways, such as advertising based on your browsing or statistical information on accesses, links used, pages and banners displayed. EuTravelIN's intention is to shamelessly offer something different. We don't say unnoticed or linked to artificial intelligence, it would be misleading marketing, but different from most competitors for sure.

First point no advertising outside the portal, and second point no marketing or statistical aggregation of your data.

Without going too far, however; by subscribing to our newsletter, you will have access as a guest to get an idea of how EuTravelIN works.





So let's try to start off on the right foot, at EuTravelIN, we want to add a little bit of pepper to the usual online activities, let's take a step towards the pure fun of playing and competing. After all, bingo is the word to express amazement in an exclamation.
In addition to the practical and positive aspects of our system, we also add the beauty of a "healthy" competition, counting that it is not mandatory or binding, you can participate as no. Every activity from social networks on EuTravelIN makes you accumulate points; therefore when you post photos, publish events and other interesting information, you are automatically assigned a score that is added to the points already earned. Continuously.

This is a premium transaction as defined in articles 2 and 3 of the D.P.R. 430/2001.





This system of accumulation of points is based on two types of points that are obtained with different activities.
Each member takes part and everyone contributes to creating the General Classification or better "Bingo Main Chart".
The more points you have higher in the ranking go, so you have more credit in the marketplace.
The ranking is public and can always be consulted. The points displayed in the "Bingo Main Chart" are called EuDoT, they are closely linked to the actual coupons, that is, additional discounts that you add to the exclusive offers within the marketplace.
How can you get an idea of how much discount I can add to my cart when I get the bonus?
It will always be variable because different variables come into play and the mathematical relationship may seem complicated, but we can tell it by relating these features to each other:
- depends on the position in the "Bingo Main Chart"
- the game mode is not random, there is a points ranking and not a draw
- depends on the volume of subscribers
- depends on the volume of registered companies
- depends on the frequency of assignment of the EuPoinT
- depends on the percentage of members awarded with respect to the total number of members
- surely the winners will have the EuDoT counter reset to restart
- all members participate except for the Mobile Lite and Company profiles
- internal operators that are included with EuTravelIN user activities and guests are also excluded
- with the cancellation of the accumulated points of the winners, sooner or later everyone is rewarded, if active users
- at least, the goal set, is precisely to reward everyone, but we do not promise anything about when




  Just to briefly summarize, the marketplace is the integration between our social network and tourism operators (hotels, restaurants, ski schools, etc ...) that offer exclusive products and services for all our members.
Currently, subscribers who use the free promotional subscription for this year, who mainly work with the Mobile Lite application, are excluded.
Subscribing to one of the profiles with a physical, legal or supporter subscription is a prerequisite, to take advantage of all the features and benefits, competitions and special offers in the first place.



The unit of measurement of the economic bonus is the EuPoinT.
What is a single EuPoinT worth? Exactly how much the registration fee for the individual profile. Should this change, the whole system will be adjusted accordingly.
Now let's give some numbers, to give a practical and tangible idea of the idea:
- the "total bonus" is formed by 50% of the actual registration fees between a bonus distribution and the next for the Physical Person profile and 25% for the Company profile, moreover, those deriving from the profile members are not counted Supporter or any other types,
- the "total bonus" is rounded down to the whole multiple of EuPoinT
- the "total bonus" is assigned and at the same time it is reset, as the scores of the winners are zeroed
- the "total bonus" is assigned to the first 15 positions of the "Bingo Main Chart", including any merit
- the bonus awarded to the individual winner is proportional to the accumulated score
- we start with the first assignment on reaching the 300th entry, for the first 3 positions, so as to form the first podium of winners
- we are only at the beginning, but with the first one, for every thousand new subscribers there will be a new assignment, in case of need the frequency will vary




Between one ranking and the other we have a thousand new members and one hundred and ten new operators. Once again, we stress, but this is important information that should not be underestimated, all new.
We calculate the "jackpot" by adding 50% of the shares of the "Members profile" with 25% of the "Companies profile" registration fees, we get a total bonus of 7.320 euros. The 15 leaderboards, in proportion to their score in the "Bingo Main Chart" expressed in EuDot, get an individual and unique bonus. These 15 lucky, they are not equal, automatically and without appeal, have the score reset, so those registered from the 16th place in the standings until the last earn 15 positions in the standings immediately. In this example an average prize of 40 EuPoinT is awarded, (it means 488 euros on average), it is a nice extra incentive to register for EuTravelIN, it is absolutely not comparable to any other gambling or betting system, also because this it is neither a gambling nor a betting system. These bonuses are cumulative and can be integrated directly with the EuPoinTs accrued with the second type of entertainment, the "Do Net Action". What will it be?





The game of points appears simple, I do some publication on the social media and I set aside points, until I continue to accumulate them until I enter the percentage of "winners". We want to make the system even more interesting, so we propose two other activities, let's face it, these are slightly more demanding and require a certain predisposition to "social".
These are the preferred ways to get an EuPoinT immediately:
- bring four friends
- bring one of your favorite companies
Easy no, and in any case, feel free to continue to bring others of friends and involve the economic operators of the sector you know!





You have 365 days to use your EuPoinT, but this is one of those features that can be flexible or revised in the future.
How does it work? When you find what you're looking for in the marketplace offers, proceed with the purchases, enter your unique code linked to the bonus and the network regulates the transactions.





Among my activities in the social network I gained 39 EuPoinT and found the special offer, week in the tropics, half board and travel for two people to 999,00 euros, even if, in itself, it is already an exclusive offer for our network, using all my bonus, I only pay 531,00 euros. This is an example, at the moment, only a magician could guess the magnitude of the numbers at stake!




  This system wants to be an incentive to grow so that everyone has more opportunities. Participating is included and so have fun!  

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