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The game

The EuTravelIN Social Gaming!

Hi, simply from beginning, EuTravelIN has got an online store, always open, where Companies, Members, so, generically, people makes interactions.

EuTravelIN is more than a social-network too. What does it means?

We love to speak about EuTravelIN, as the first "social marketplace" with a "gaming fun mood", and it works hard about these simple primary concepts :

1.nonprofits on subscribers data

--- rest of the world already do that

2.reward members for their activities within the Community

--- oh oh don't push that there is a crush on this category

3.leisure and recreational activities

--- answer the question, what's now?

4.the culture of the game and the game of socialization

--- it seems a trivial word, but no, it is not

We have a good load of good ideas and fun purposes, and the formula for feeding all of this is the subscription. EuTravelIN is a subscription service!

How is it possible? The subscription to our Community covers the costs of the aforementioned features to offer all its services. It is not just a simplistic financial matter, behind the online platform there are the activities of each member, not just turnover and profit, there are the digital lives of people. We care about each of our subscribers and in addition we like to play, so we can "reward" to belong to our and your Community? Sure, but we want something more involving than a scratch card or a fortuitous draw.

Do you like playing? "Bet" on this community, any activity or initiative of yours makes you accumulate points, so you could be faster, higher and faster. once the certainty of the prize has been reached.

Guaranteed? Of course, because here there are no draws or combinations, bets on results, only a continuously updated classification. As long as "games" continue to climb the rankings, when you withdraw the prize, you start from scratch. Like in a championship that goes on forever!

The events in the EuTravelIN game!

Can we be content to offer a "subscription service" and that's it? Absolutely! We like to play and we want to bring our playful aspect around.

Such as? Organizing events, championships and "working" for your free time.

What are you waiting for? Come and play, too, with us, in our Community, that is, even in "your" Community. EuTravelIN! Always with love!

Do you play with US?

Go to this page and find rules and a couple of examples!

Really simple, fill out the form, proceed with the payment and become a member of the EuTravelIN Community.

We are sure that it is less than what you would spend for a scratch card or a lottery!

One euro a month for people, and four euro a month for companies.

This is the page with all types of subscriptions : Subscribe! With some limitations and exclusions we have also prepared a version with free access! Subscribe here for FREE!


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