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Aim of 2021

New beginning starts here, from now!

It looks like this panorama is real! Amazing ... so beautiful like it should be a dream! So realistic as this GAME is!

We have a dream too, for this community ... the EUTravelIN community ...

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2021, EuTravelIN Prizes

Goodmorning and welcome in the EuTravelIN Community! We are starting now and we are planning to prize you! Yes, but how is it possible?

EuTravelIN is the first social-game platform where the game is the network itself, and all "social" activities reward you, visit this link for more details. This is not a joke. Absolutely! Every 1000 subscribers prizes are rewarded! So run!

Join the EuTravelIN Community to support the SmartianS Amateur Sports Association new projects! Thank You!

Are you prepared to be active and reactive? To participate subscription is necessary!

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