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First of all, we want to start off with our best wish for this last part of 2022!

You will receive the Discount Code to take advantage of the current promotion, reserved for people and companies!

So we can introduce our 2022 affiliation campaign! This is one or our fundraising initiative!

If you are 18 older, this is EuTravelIN first row place! As a member of this social-club you access special deals by our Company Partners!

Here are our category of membership plans for EUTravelIN. For people, for commercial operators, for backers, and now for free!

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EuTravelIN Prizes

EuTravelIn is the first social-game invented and managed by the SmartianS Amateur Sports Association. The game plays exactly like a social network! EuTravelIN is a subscription game, comparable to a collection of reward points. The reward points are called EuDot. The EuDot assignment mechanism is fully automated and is linked to all the operations that can be carried out within the Community. There are three types of awards and they are called :


We reiterate a concept, the platform is based on the game and most of the fees paid to subscribe to the Community go to directly form the prize pools. 

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